Island Rail Corporation (doing business as "Island Rail Corporation", "Island Rail Corp", "Island Rail" and/or "IRC") is incorporated and registered in Canada federally and under the laws of the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia as of March 2023.

Further information may be provided upon request by emailing [email protected]


Island Rail Corp has the following mandate set forth in its charter:​

1. To facilitate restoration, revitalization, and enhancement of all rail infrastructure on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as the core infrastructure of a future transportation system to move Port to Port freight, people (public and tourists alike), and enhance intermodal and transload operations in support of rail-freight services moving bidirectional local, national, and international bound and originating freight commodities;

2. To foster a broad coalition of partners, including both government and non-government groups including the private sector and First Nations, who will aid in achieving these purposes;

3. To ensure such projects are undertaken in an environmentally friendly and socially beneficial manner, with a goal of reducing Island greenhouse gas emissions while also reducing Island highway congestion and simultaneously improving freight transportation efficiency;

4. To develop broad private sector, indigenous, and political support; and

5. To promote integration with ALL other forms of transportation; on and off the Island, including trucks, ferries and airports.​​

Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination​

Island Rail Corp has adopted a formal policy on associate conduct and discipline-specific anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies. IRC believes that all peoples of our world are equal and no one should be the subject of ridicule, racism, discrimination, or harassment. The policy may be viewed here.